Biodiversity is the topic that covers beyond environment conservation, but it means the connection between allvarious species both livings and plants, and ecosystems on our earth, so that means all of the things around us are totally related to this short but meaningful word “Biodiversity”. As well as this relevant, biodiversity can classify as 7 basic factors that directly related to human life, call “7 elements of biodiversity” which is water, food, health, clothing, shelter, fuel and energy. With the global maturity in all sectors as well as the disruption of new industry, we have invaded the nature and natural resources that affect the entire logical ecosystem. ONE EARTH, ONE US?


Biodiversity in Thailand is ranked in the top 8 biodiversity areas in the world and the 3rd highest in the ASEAN countries, with 12,000 plants, microbes 150,000-200,000 species, which is considered as an important foundation for national development in terms of economy, society, public health and the environment.